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Payroll Scheduling:

We offer Payroll services on a:

  • Weekly Basis
  • Bi-Weekly Basis
  • Monthly Basis
  • Quarterly Basis

Legowski & Associates, LTD. will make your payroll process a great deal easier!

  • Each Pay Period Simply:
    • Call
    • Fax
    • Email Your Employee Hours!





Over the last twenty two (22) years, we have been offering LIVE PAYROLL service to our Clients and it has become quite popular.

There are no hidden costs and our prices will always be AT LEAST 20% LOWER than each and every other payroll company!

Each Payday (at no additional charge)

  • Laser Printed, Signature Ready Payroll Checks
  • Easy-to-read and understand summary cover sheet
  • Payroll Check Register
  • Payroll Worksheet
  • Electronic Tax Filing of Federal and State Taxes
  • Workers Compensation Reports (as necessary)
  • Report of New Hire (if necessary)
  • Vacation/Sick Pay Accrual Reports
  • Deduction/Pay Registers

Quarterly Tax Returns (at no additional charge)

  • Signature Ready Federal 941
  • Signature Ready State/Local Tax Returns
  • State (SUTA) Tax Deposit
  • Federal 940 (FUTA) Tax Deposit
  • Electronic Tax Filing

Year End Tax Returns (at no additional charge)

  • Employee W-2s
  • Employer W-3s
  • W-3 Transmittal Form
  • Signature Ready Federal 940 (FUTA) Tax Return
  • Signature Ready State/Local Tax Returns

Optional Services

  • Laser Check Signing
  • Direct Deposit
  • TEFRA Restaurant Reporting
  • Custom Labor Report







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